Netflix for Art. Aesthetic upgrades for your home or office

Artflix is a subscription based art service connecting talented local creators with patrons, collectors and residents of New York City. Whether it’s one wall or a whole office, new art is brought in regularly to transform your space into a living gallery; a décor of stories, intrigue, talent, and beauty.

Fall in love with a piece? Keep it! A portion of your subscription is credited towards future art purchases.

Accent Wall

$500 /// yr

Free $150 credit annually towards art purchases

One Medium Sized piece or a collection of smaller works

Single Artist

We are about connecting and fostering real relationships. Everything is done on a human to human level. You will meet the artists, be provided with certificates about the individual pieces and our team will personally hang all work to our highest standard. Come to our parties! We want lasting relationships as we build an art community outside the gallery scene. Well be back in a year (quicker cycle times available) to swap out new work. Stay connected, come to art shows, meet interesting people. And feel free to put a library reserve on in-demand artwork.

Dominant Wall + Accent Wall

$3000 /// yr

Free $1000 credit annually towards art purchases

Make a room pop with an extra-large anchor-piece (over sofa/bed) flanked by medium sized pieces and a handful of smaller works that tie it all together

Single or Multiple Artists


Red wine go flying? All artwork is fully insured


Total Makeover

Quote upon Request

Refurnish your home or office with one or more artists. A total transformation to interesting

Live Faster? Art cycle times can be as regular as you want. Just let us know your thoughts!

Tell us a bit about you and your space

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How does credit work?

What If I want to keep a piece longer than a year?


What happens when a subscriber chooses to buy work from another artist?

Client buys 3000 package.

50/50 split | Artist gets 1500 | LLC gets 1500

Client has 2250 in credit

Year 2:

Client renews

LLC now at 3000 | Artist 3000

Bob 4450 in credit

Buys 5k piece from a different artist. Pays 550 cash. Credit ballance to 5k.

How to split up the $?

Could do 75% conversion to rented works and 40% to all others? What is commission split on sale (as an artist I feel good at 75/25)?


-1000 credit held

1500 to artist

500 to us

30% to us on sales commission