Your Private Boudoir Artist

French for ‘dressing room,’ boudoir is the art of capturing seduction

Angles, Curves, lighting

I make Magic

I'm unabashed in my confidence to deliver striking results. I know how to find the right angles, curves on all body types, and my often non-traditional approaches to lighting bring that extra pull that draws focus where it should be.

Striking boudoir is as much about what you don't show, as what you do. Imagination is more powerful than sight. My pictures are dynamic, often abstract, and made to be interesting as well as beautiful. Im an artist, not a commercial studio - every shoot is different.

Have Fun, Leave Confident

Its a high. That is the only way to describe it. For those that have never had intimate pictures taken, seeing yourself and thinking "hot damn, I look GOOD." is feeling like none other. It brings a new kind of confidence. Whether you are shooting for yourself, or as a gift to that special someone, looking back on great photos is like looking in the mirror on a good hair day, it just feels good. 

I love what I do, and passion is contagious. I am a very easy going person, my aim to to ride the good vibes and cure any negativity. I want you feeling great, looking great and having fun. Music, a glass of wine to shake off the nerves (haha as much for me as you), we will laugh off the awkward moments and focus on our creative vision. My shoots are fun so bring a a friend!

Dudoir?? You got it!

Dudoir?? You got it!

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Discreet & Professional

I am a straight male and will see differently than a LGBT or female photographer. This is a deal breaker for some and totally understandable, tho many feel it makes my work all the better. For those still reading, know I am entirely professional in my approach. I have plenty of references to attest to this and encourage you to speak with them. You are more than welcome to bring a friend. Professionalism goes both way. I am your artist and expect to be treated purely as such. Discretion is very important to my clients. Your photos are your photos and will not be seen by anyone else without explicit permission and a signed model release.



If you are prepared to begin with a $1000 deposit we can schedule a call with the information below. Pricing packages are fluid to your budget. Higher budgets allow for better spaces, stronger supporting talent (like hair and makeup) and a greater diversity in my artistic approach.

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Have access to a killer apartment? Its all about lighting. Let me know your location ideas. I can provide studio space or facilitate high-end apartment rental. I have access to some great spaces on frequent occasion.
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