Artflix is a subscription-based service connecting creators with patrons and collectors in NYC

 Try on new pieces without commitment

Every 3, 6, or 12 months, new artwork will be cycled in to transform your space into a living gallery

 Fall in love with a piece? Keep it!

Anything paid towards your subscription can be used as a credit towards art purchases.

 In the near future, when I feel out this idea in execution, I desire to expand Artflix to include a roster of artists, supporting emerging talent and connecting our community deeper. A new way to invest in living artists. Come to our shows, invite us to your parties, meet our friends, introduce us to yours, let’s grab dinner and keep this connection human to human.

  The ‘Intro’ Package

One medium-sized piece to cement that sexy accent wall with unique creation

from $500


The ‘Monster’ Package

One larger piece and two medium pieces

Anchor a big wall | Decorate a bedroom | Make your co-workers jealous of your suave sophistication

From $1500



Sex Me Up at The Patrons’ Club

All of the above + more + Max + access to my personal collection + even MOAR!

Let’s talk about what you want. What art speaks to you? Custom pieces just for you, design your next tattoo, shoot your tinder pics, shoot your wedding, shoot your in-laws; you are a part of my life and I am a part of yours. Let’s talk.

All out on your home, office, wherever you like

Your Personal Creative Force

Artflix FAQ 

Who handles the artwork?

  • I deliver, I hang, then we hang

What happens if ….?

  • Shit happens! Earthquakes and rogue waves of wine – just do your best to be protective

  • Let me know if you smoke in your home


  • Everything paid towards your subscription can be used to purchase my works. Example; A Monster membership has $1500 to put towards purchase. After two years, $3000. Start with original art on your walls now and save credit towards future Maxterpieces.

  • Prices are grandfathered for 18 months as art values increase. Lock in that OG pricing

From $500?

  • The listed price is for annual cycles. Every 12 months I will retrieve what’s on your walls and hang new pieces. Faster cycle times (every 6 months or 3 months) are available for a little extra.

Also, super special permanent presents just for you when you introduce new members to Artflix

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